University of Delaware - Distinguished Scholar

When and how do students find out if they are being considered for the Distinguished Scholar weekend at University of Delaware?

My S19 received an email last year in the afternoon of 2/1. The weekend was in early March and he heard about a week later that he received the DuPont award. Everyone attending receives a higher scholarship.

Thank you! Did your child end up attending University of Delaware? If so, has it been a good match?

Yes he is a freshman mechanical engineering student. He loves it!

@mountainmomof3 Are you in-state or OOS? Merit aid? We’re from NJ and my kid is interested in MechEng. UDel is on our list . Thanks!

Anyone know of these announcements went out? Two years ago it was feb8 and 16 that people heard. Still marginally hopeful but would love to cross off another false hope from the list if it’s done!

@momprof9904 - sorry I just saw your post. My S19 initially received $17,000/year as an OOS admit. He went to the Distinguished Scholar weekend and then received the Du Pont full ride.

@mmomm5757 - I would call and ask if invites went out. Usually you at least someone post on CC so if there is nothing it may still be early. Good luck!

Thanks! I emailed last week and they said ‘within the next few weeks’. It seems awkward to badger but I may have to call as you said. Grinding here!

I would wait if you have already called. It should be soon as the competition weekend is in March. Fingers crossed for your student!

Has anyone heard more about Distinguished Scholar invites from the University of Delaware?

My daughter received her invitation via email tonight. Her dad and I were copied on the email.

Can you share your daughters stats so I know if we should be disappointed or not, was hoping to hear as well for our daughter

@rebejake OOS computer science major, 1540 SAT one sitting, GPA 4.25 out of 4.3 UW (strange way her school does it). I didn’t even know Distinguished Scholars existed until we received the email tonight so I don’t know what else contributes to their selection process. Very strong ECs, essays and letters of rec.

So I am hopeful still…1560 SAT, 5.9 W GPA, 4.0 UW GPA
, very strong EC too. Will keep our fingers crossed.

@rebejake Yes I would think so!! I’m sure email will come soon!

Got the email today!

@rebejake I saw somewhere else that emails came up to a week apart so don’t give up hope if you don’t hear today.

Can you share your childs stats so I know if we are in the range too…she wants this so bad and will be heartbroken if she isn’t selected (so will I)

Does anything show in the portal as well or is the notice just emailed?

We learned via email, came tonight.