University of Delaware: Freshman Class enrollment off target by 700

Seems state schools that rely heavily on out of state students will have enrollment issues this year. Delaware freshman class is off target by 700 students.

Whoa. And that doesn’t include revenue loss if current students take leaves should UD be fully remote in the Fall.

Yikes. That’s going to hurt. But it may make it easier for the university to give more students single rooms in the interest of social distancing. Hardly sustainable long term, though.

I found it just as interesting to note that they have only just put together a committee to begin discussing plans for the summer and fall. What took them so long? Most colleges put those committees together weeks ago.

It will be a problem for Delaware if closer state universities are having issues as per this article below:

Penn state is behind by 6.8%
Drexel behind by 20%
Stockton -17%
Rowan -16%

Temple & Pitt have both met their target but Penn State hasn’t shows that being located in a college town might not be helpful. Although Penn State has extended for 5000 applicants until June 1st to accept their offer

Drexel is not a state school. But I see it was referenced in the article.