University of Delaware or Penn State University Campus for pre-vet major?

I am out of state for both Penn state and Delaware and am not sure which is best for pre vet. I live two hours closer to Delaware, but I know lots of people who went to Penn state. Anyone have an opinion or experience with one or both of these schools? I was accepted to both and am having trouble picking which will benefit me more. Thanks!

Go where you have fewer loans. Vet school will be costly.

Where are you instate?

I am in Maryland. I applied to UMD college park but am not expecting an acceptance. As of initial tuition, Penn state and Delaware are essentially the same, it will just come down to who will give me more money/scholarships.

Either will be fine. Look at the vet school you will eventually be applying to and see their prerequisites. Make sure the college you go to has those prerequisites and then go to the cheapest school! It makes a huge difference.

From what I’ve seen you’ll get more money out of UD. In fact I doubt you’ll see any merit out of PS.

How about Towson or other instate schools?

What are your stats that you think UMD won’t accept?

Yes, what about other in-state schools?

My stats are a 25 act and 3.67 gpa. UMD College Park ranges from 29-33 act and a 4.11 gpa. I have considered attending Delaware and transferring to Maryland for the instate tuition if I can’t get in as a first year student. Most other instate schools do not offer pre vet/ animal science as impressively and hands on as these other universities.

I would check on the ease of transferring credits from UD then. It might be easier to transfer from an in-state school and have all credits transfer. I understand your concern about impressive but the first year probably wouldn’t matter much for that.

Does UMBC offer what you want. I know they’re a commuter school but they’re highly regarded.

Have you heard back on merit from UD? Either way, wishing you luck… Hopefully UMD will surprise you.

You might look at a less selective instate school or start at a Maryland community college for the first year or two and then transfer to a four year university, that would save you money.

You will have very specific classes to take, lots of science classes, and will need good grades to be competitive for veterinary school applications.

I don’t think your merit chances at UDel will be very high with your test scores.

It’s more important to do well at a school than that it is impressive.

Towson has pre-vet studies.

I agree, grades are going to be more important when applying to graduate schools rather than an impressive school.

The idea is to attend the least costly school that will offer the prerequisites required by the vet school where you plan to apply. In your case, that would be Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. They hold 50 spots for residents of VA and 30 spots for MD residents. It is also important to attend a college where you have the best chance of earning the highest grades in requisite courses. You don’t want a “weed out” situation. The things vet schools look for are: high GPA, especially in math and science courses, high GRE, leadership roles, and a school where you can receive hands on animal care under the guidance of a vet. They want to know that you are aware of exactly what veterinary medicine entails, that you are well rounded in activities, can handle leadership roles and have good communication skills.

Delaware ended up giving me about the same amount in grants/scholarships that in state tuition would be. Penn state will be about 15k more a year than delaware. With this I am leaning towards delaware for undergrad and the maryland-virginia school of veterinary medicine for graduate school as I will get in state tuition. My parents (as am I) are fans of the schools i applied to and they do want to see me go to one of these four (UMD college park, Delaware, VT, or
penn state). While
we understand “impressiveness” is not always important, my family is lucky to be able to support me financial through these schools with great resources. Everyone has given great information and advice! thank you!

I’m sure you’ll do great at Delaware. Seems like a great school My son liked it very much when we visited.

I thought UMD has a spring admit for students with scores that would not get them in the fall.