University of Delaware?!

<p>I have a 3.14 GPA, it's low because I did not try freshman year (big mistake) and sophomore year I took AP Biology and AP Calculus AB, the classes were rigorous and I wasn't able to bring my GPA up. I got almost all A's last semester, beginning of Junior Year so my GPA went from a 3.0 to a 3.1. I think if I could continue getting almost all a's I could hit a 3.3 by the end of Junior Year, which would be great! One hitch is that I got suspended for drinking at my school dance this year. It really lowered my motivation and self esteem, it was a stupid mistake and it might cost me my future... My question is what types of colleges can I be able to get into? University of Delaware? Penn State? Villanova? University of Sciences in Philadelphia? What other colleges like these would be a reality for me?</p>

<p>Here are my classes:</p>

<p>Freshman Year - 3.077
Honors Eng - B
Honors Int. Science - B
Fast-Math Algebra - B
Honors Pre-Calc - B
Honors Civics, Economics - B
Honors Spanish - A
Gym - O </p>

<p>Sophomore Year - 3.00
Honors English - A
AP Biology - B
Ap Calculus AB - C
Health - A
Honors Spanish 3 - C
Honors World History - A</p>

<p>Junior Year (First Semester) - 3.14
AP English - B
Linear Algebra - A
Honors US History - A
Honors Chemistry - A
Honors Spanish 4 - A
*With a Suspension ):</p>

<p>I also played one year of lacrosse and going to my 2nd year this year, 2 years of Cheerleading, and Involved in Leader Corps, Math League, and Junior Board</p>

<p>If I continue getting A's i think my GPA will be around a 3.3? I might be wrong, it might be lower but thanks, all comments are appreciated (:</p>

<p>Also, I want to study in Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, Dermatology, Engineering, I'm not really sure yet, but if you guys could suggest colleges that fit my grades and interest i would be really happy (:</p>

<p>someone please help me ):</p>