University of Denver and Pot

My first question posted and probably a pretty dumb one, but here it is….the marijuana legalization has sort of tainted the state of colorado as far as what people around here say. Like kids from here go there to enjoy the legalization. My daughter isn’t into the party scene and is a little turned off by the colorado banter. I think DU would be a great fit for her and we are planning on visiting in the next month. My question is compared to other schools, how would you describe the pot use, do kids go to the dispensaries? just curious any thoughts appreciated.

Not sure about the culture at DU, but you have to be 21 to purchase (so no kids at dispensaries).

thanks for the quick reply. I did read that, but know most kids are drinking before they turned 21 so I figured it might be the same as alcohol. thank you. any thoughts are really appreciated!

Just like alcohol, you can get it if you want it. I have a dc at another CO school, he sees plenty of it, he has friends who do it, but it is not his thing. It doesn’t dominate the entire school culture.

Pot usage is a thing at most colleges and is easily accessible at most colleges. It’s definitely not only a Colorado thing. I’d say it is as easily accessible at most colleges across the country. If a student wants it, they can find it. If they don’t, people will be cool with that, too.

I think this was a legitimate concern a few years ago when Colorado was a poster child for legalization, but with more states joining them and the further spread of medical marijuana initiatives, I think the “taint” is rapidly dissipating. My guess is we will very quickly be back to the old knock on Colorado schools–that you went there to ski. There are worse stereotypes …

Be sure to add all Washington, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Alaska schools to that misguided concern. Every school has dealt with alcohol consumption for decades, why would pot be different?

Frankly, I’m more worried about concealed weapons on campus (I think this only applies to public universities though)

Is there much of a party culture in general at UD? How would it compare to CU-Boulder?