University of Florida 2025 Chances

Hi - my daughter has a 4.7 GPA, 17 AP classes, 3 college classes, rank 1 in her class of 275, class president 2 years, varsity athlete 4 years, captain XC senior year, VP NHS, VP Leo Club, 300+service hours, 2 year mentorship with scholarship at major national engineering firm, other extracurriculars, will not need financial aide. Finally had a chance to take her SAT and it is 1460. We are OOS. Interested in computer science/biology/premed/bioinformatics. I know UF is very tough to get into if you are OOS. Do you think her stats are high enough?


^^^I posted that when this was originally in the Boston University forum.

Yeah, sorry about that. Not sure how it got there.

IMO, yes! We are OOS and son was accepted (but declined) with similar stats. Had a slightly higher SAT, an IB Diploma, and a National Merit Scholar, but his EC’s and service were not as good as yours. I also thought his essay was not very strong.

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I would think your daughter would be a lock with that resume. She seems to meet and exceed all of the requirements. Good luck.

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FYI, saw this on UF’s admissions blog about myths in the application process. For all the OOS applicants:

  1. “Getting in to UF is more difficult for out-of-state students.” Nope. We have absolutely no preference for in-state vs. out-of-state students. The percentage of out-of-state students in the freshman class has been 15 to 17% over the last few years, which aligns with the rate of out-of-state applications received (vs. in-state).

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Also saw that admissions blog post re OOS. I’m intrigued because my understanding is that the state of Florida law limits to 10% the number of OOS students collectively across the entire Florida University system. wondering if b/c UF is the flagship they get to take more, and other schools have to take fewer? My D is OOS, and it’s going to be long wait until Feb.


Yes, I thought so as well! I suppose we will find out, lol!

I’m fairly certain it is 10% undergraduate enrollment which we are under with freshman and transfer combined.

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actually UF wants a more OOS applicant pool so your daughter is basically a shoe-in


Does anyone feel like the wait of another 2 plus months is going to drive them insane? The last few weeks were full of acceptances and celebrations. Knowing there are months ahead before a decision is released is brutal.


Just to add something here, you may be at a benefit this year. Florida is one of the only states requiring test scores this year. I am in state in Florida and the parent of a 2021 graduate and many of his friends who would normally have applied to UF are throwing their hat into the Ivy League schools because they are not requiring scores. My son has a pending application at UF and it’s an amazing school, but the stats here are crazy this year


Does any one know if all the last minute apps were submitted with scores? With all the OOS schools and UM deferring kids I am curious if UF is going to stick to last years stats or up the minimum scores and gpa’s. Does UF defer since technically there is no EA.

@erd1020 there is another forum that mentions 12,000 last minute apps w/o scores, and someone who appears to be connected to admissions said they got a lot of scores in by the submission deadline, but unlikely to have specifics until after the next trustees meeting. I’ve pasted the link to that discussion below.

@kdzmom yes I was wondering if there was additional info. Just frustrating that we are the last state to decide. We always have to do things differently! Lol

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Absolutely crazy how few posts here… their average applicant stats is going to be way down this year

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Maybe because we are still far from decisions? Seems discussions get active right before decisions release—especially those that don’t give an exact date. Everyone trying to guess “when?”

Tension is running high in my house. This is the last decision for my daughter before she determines where she wants to go.

@chapelhillncdad What makes you say that the stats will be down?

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What was his GPA?