University of Florida 2025 Housing

Thought I’d start a separate discussion from the decisions thread focused on housing options for incoming freshmen.

We have twins both admitted to the Summer B term and both currently have term change requests pending for Fall. They received their housing contract emails yesterday and we are strategizing over the best option to select. The term change requests complicate this especially for my daughter who is looking to try and find potential roommates.

So here are my first questions for anyone who may have been through this process before, if a potential roommate only just now has sent in her $25 deposit is there a chance she wont be provided a housing contract? Also am I correct in understanding that the student with the best priority for selections can be in charge of setting up roommate requests and thereby bring in someone with lower selection priority?

You are correct. Once they can get into the portal, they can pair up with another student to be roommates. Once they are paired up, the room selection date/time appointment will be assigned based on the earlier deposit date / highest priority.

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My daughter got in for fall and desperately wants a term change to summer. Housing said they make every effort to approve as soon as possible. I assume most people want to move from summer to fall.

They won’t say until late April or early May. My hope is they let us know before room selections start on 5/25 for Summer B. The worse case scenario we want to avoid is that my daughter gets a roommate worked out and her preferred dorm on 5/25 for summer than they grant her term change and assign her to somewhere else.

They told me in a DM that they would make every effort to let us know before April.