University of Florida 2025 — Regular Decision

@Melissa96 or anyone that has knowledge on this topic, how hard is it to change majors at Florida? I applied Biology because I had no clue what I wanted to do, but I would like to switch to finance. Is it possible to switch majors like that? I am OOS Benacquisto if that affects anything.

You can still select any major you want.

Very simple now, it gets harder later. You can change your major at Preview.

i designated uf as my first choice on the national merit portal about a week ago, but it hasn’t shown up on my one.uf portal yet. do you know when the uf portals will be updated with the benacquisto scholarship?

We get an updated list roughly once a month at this point. As soon as the next one arrives we update the new students on the list and it shows up in ONE.UF

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Wondering if UF gets a lot of commits after Ivy day? I bet we do. Especially this year.

The size of UF is deceptive. You probably toured around the main center of campus where most of the dorms are and the gen ed buildings. And it does seem crowded in some spots with building close together ( which makes it convenient to get to classes). But Shand’s hospital houses the medical and pharmacy schools as well as other health related disciplines, the Law school is down the road on the other side of campus for example. There are two gyms on opposite sides of campus. The actual campus is 2000 acres. Most students move off campus after sophomore year so the dorms don’t house everybody.

Lake Wauberg is also open to students (at least pre-covid) which is down 301 south of campus. They have climbing walls and sail classes. Pretty park. We used to grab our books and go study there.

Pre-covid there were lots of students out and about. UF is a very friendly campus. Tons of clubs for every interest. Easy to meet people. Huge alumni network–there’s a reason they call it Gator Nation! (don’t get the meal plan though!)

Good morning all- Hope you guys are well. We are visiting campus next week. My son will more than likely commit to UF even if he gets off the waitlist at Brown. However, he wants to take a gap year. Is this difficult at UF? Thx

We do not generally do gap years since that puts students into a new cohort. He would need to email with his reasons and the committee will evaluate and get back to him.

I have joined the parents 2025 group and my daughter joined the student 2025 group. Nothing about a subscription. Just answer the questions.

I am trying to decipher how many AP credits will count towards my class requirements (my daughter is studying business). Is there someone who she can contact to help figure this out?

AP equivalencies won’t change from last year to this year so you can see what will be given credit here Exam Credit < University of Florida

Studying Business means macroecon, microecon, calculus & statistics will be most beneficial but of course many of the other tests will meet the gen ed requirements

Did anyone get an email about RoomSync to find roommates? It said I would receive an email with an invite code after I completed my housing contract which I did in March

You can email housing and they will resend it. I believe it goes to the UF account.

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Thank you

Sure. Just so everyone know. I’m having surgery tomorrow with a six week convalescence so I won’t have any new info or updates here for a bit.


Hope everything goes smoothly with your surgery and a speedy recovery. Take care.

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All the best. Thank you for all of your help.

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Good luck and get well soon! :pray:

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Good luck!