University of Florida 2025 — Regular Decision

I didn’t see a thread so thought I would start one. According to web, Decisions will come out Feb 26th.

Since Florida is one of the few states to require SAT scores, it will be interesting to see how this turns out as kids took fewer tests than in prior years.

Good luck all!

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Probably semantics but it isn’t early action decisions it is the regular on-time decisions. UF doesn’t have early decision or early action just on-time and late applications.

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Thank you I corrected my original post. My D applied early everywhere- but I forgot Florida didn’t have EA.

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I have a few thoughts and questions. First, I find it interesting that Florida is the 6th or 7th best public college in the country but has the smallest thread. I know random.

My serious question - Do you think Florida uses class rank, especially from a so called feeder high schools for admissions? My daughter is seriously thinking about ED2 at Wash U bc her SAT is on the Cusp - 1380 and she can apply to Wash U without scores. Her class rank is 5 at a high school UF loves. Recalculated gpa around 4.9

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They say that class rank isn’t considered, although I don’t hear of many kids outside the top 10% getting in. It corresponds with gpa at the school level anyway. So at the end of the day, I do think it matters.

She is making me crazy about her SAT score, she sent it to a few test optional OOS schools and was deferred at a few, although got into quite a few with scholarships. I wish UF released decisions in December like most other states!

I have mentioned this in other threads about D18. She had her heart set on a school and they didn’t give merit until March. We visited a school in early Jan that gave an early decision significant merit and that was it.

Besides Ivies, schools take a risk of not accepting earlier. Prospective students will have had other acceptances and merit awards for months.
They start to visualize themselves at the schools as soon as they get the yes!


Right, they don’t look at class rank per se, but by looking at GPAs they are essentially evaluating class rank.
One reason they cannot say that they use class rank is that many schools do not provide that information to colleges or even to the students themselves. The HS that my kids went to does not rank except for Valedictorian and Salutatorian. They provide colleges with a School Profile that includes the number of students in a few GPA ranges but it is not detailed enough to determine if the student is in the top 10% or 25%.

Is it confirmed about 12,000 applicants didn’t submit their SAT as of a few days before the deadline? If so, are admissions gonna be a lot simpler?

@AnoopS It was reported by an Alligator reporter on his twitter feed live ( you can still find on twitter) from the Board of Trustees meeting on 12/3/20. Statement was by Zina Evans, VP of Enrollment. SAT Scores had to be requested by 12/15. So anyone that took the SAT on 12/5 or 12/12 could still have potentially sent in their scores. The question is how many actually did?

I did, I took the ACT on 12/5 and sent them 12/8

Is it still possible to apply to UF? I see on their website that they have a late application that goes all the way in to March, but is that not realistic?

Thanks for the help.

Applications received after November 16 are accepted on a space-available basis, which is extremely limited.

ahhh gotcha, so the odds are slim. I would assume it’s best to apply immediately if at all?

Will UF accept mid year grades or no?

They don’t normally consider senior year grades

@caton61 - Mid Year grades are only used for students trying to graduate in 3 years.

I recently went and checked the UF portal, and it says my application was received the 17th. I turned in my application the 16th and I even have confirmation from the common app I sent it then. I know the deadline was the 16th, so will I be counted as one of the priority applicants or the space by space applicants?

As long as you submitted it by the 16th you’re fine. That’s just the date they processed it.

Hi! Does anyone know when UF decisions are going out?