University of Florida Campus Visit in March 2021. Any current Florida student out there available for a talk about the university?

So, I know this a long shot, but I tried browsing at facebook groups and was not very successful.
My daughter was admitted at UF for Fall 2021 (Biology major).
We live in Brazil and are planning to visit UF on Saturday, March , 27th.
We had registered for a tour on March, 26 but there was some type of a glitch and the confirmation never appeared on my daughter´s e-mail.
I was hoping that we could meet with a current student of March, 27th, so that my daughter could get first-hand views about the school.

Get in the uf families, uf famalies 2025, uf students 2025, and uf parents group. Many students offering private tiurs

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Thank you so much!

@GatormarriedNole Are those facebook groups?

Yes. UF class of 2025 parents, uf families of 2025, group for university of Florida parents & famalies, and your child in uf students and uf students 2025

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@GatormarriedNole Thank you! very helpful.