University of Florida Honors

Can anyone share what their GPA/ACT-SAT scores were for the
admittance to the University of Florida/Honors program?

Acceptance to Freshman Honors has little to with grade/GPA. There are people with outstanding grades/SAT scores that don’t get in over people who have lower academic qualifications and less involvement. Admissions doesn’t even make the decision. Instead, the current Honors students review the essays and decide who to take.

GPA/tests scores gets students into consideration - essays/holistic is what separates who gets into the honors program for the most part. The numbers this year were close to 2019

2019 Accepted Honors Freshman Profile - Middle 50% Range:
GPA 4.6-4.7
SAT 1470-1540
ACT 33-35

2019 Acceptance rate: 16%

Disclaimer: I’m an incoming First-Year at Brown University who declined his admission to UF Honors (Out of State) but my advice should still apply.

I believe UF re-calculates your GPA solely based on academic courses but my GPA including ALL courses was 3.9 Unweighted and a 4.4 Weighted. I received a 35 on my ACT. However, like the other posters on this thread have stated, UF Honors Admissions is very selective, and as such, is based on your application as a whole. Throughout this college admissions process, I’ve realized that while your academics might open the door, it’s up to the rest of your application (primarily your essays, so make every word count,) to get you through it. After UF Honors/UF Admissions is sure that you are capable of handling the coursework, they turn to your essays for evidence of how you’ve taken advantage of the resources at your high school and will take advantage of the resources offered by UF Honors (honors courses etc.) to pursue your goals and other interests.

Definitely read through the UF Honors Admissions philosophy, it’s extremely interesting and tells you a lot about what they’re looking for students in the program. Link here:

Hope this helps! Good luck with admissions!

Hi! My daughter got into the Honors program and is very pleased with it so far. She had a 4.0 and a recalculated 4.8. She had 1490 on SAT. We think she got in due to her involvement in leadership and demonstrating her interest in being involved in all that Honors offers. Research their pages on facebook which will give ideas of how to be involved.