University of Florida

<p>Prolly a first for you guys...</p>

<p>Well I am applied to UF and am pretty anxious. My profile is not great compared to the rest of you, but UF isn't an ivy school either.</p>

<p>My Profile:</p>

<p>I applied Early Decision and for Summer Session to increase my chances.</p>

<p>My essays were graded by several people including my AP Lit teacher, one was "excellent", the other was considered to have an "arrogant tone". Interested in reading them?</p>

<p>4.33 GPA (4.42 after semester completed) --#4 in class
1250 SAT, 680 M 570 V composite....(best single is 1240)</p>

<p>--I know this is bad but I will be taking the SAT as many times as I can in order to reach 1270, I know I can do it, although I've already taken it 3 times. I probably wont end up sending my scores unless I do really well, only doing it to get Bright Futures 100% Scholarship. Comments?</p>

<p>AP history: 3</p>

<p>6 AP classes: Eng, APUSH, LIT, AB Calc, BIO, USGOVT</p>

<p>Basketball for 4 Years
Cross Country 1 Year
NHS for 2 years
FCA for 3 years
100+ community service
Pre-calc team (placed 2nd)
some other random awards...</p>

<p>Dont Know if this helped but I added:
UF Individual Basketball Camp Participant
UF Basketball Team Camp Participant</p>

<p>Sent 3 Recommendation letters: Basketball Coach, Math Teacher, Guidance Counselor.</p>

<p>My opinion: Seeing that I have a good GPA I think my chances are pretty decent, although my SAT isnt too strong. Applying Summer Summer Session apparently lowers the score requirements. If I am borderline, I think Early decision may factor in. I think my chances are pretty good, but UF can be weird at times.</p>

<p>Some additional stats:</p>

<p>White Florida Resident
Mu Alpha Theta
rank is 04/366</p>

<p>4.42 Weighted... (5.0 DE, 5.0 AP, 4.5 Honor)</p>

<p>3.95 unweighted gpa ( 2 B's in second semester 9th and 11th Grade English-1 AP and 1 honor)</p>

<p>Strength of Schedule: ---broken in semesters
9th: 6 honors/ 6 reg
10th:8 honors/4 reg
11th: 4 AP/4 Honors/3 reg/ 1 DE
12th: 8 AP/ 4 DE</p>

<p>According to UF their weight is something like this:
AP: 5.0 DE: 4.5 Honors: 4.5</p>

<p>According to that my GPA is around 4.38 im guessing, still much higher than the average.</p>

<p>You should check the Bright Futures web site to check your weighted GPA...I know there is some conflicting information out there, but I believe UF actually uses the Bright Futures weighting procedure. </p>

<p>UF uses GPA (and class rank) and strength-of-schedule above SAT scores, so I think you are in. Your SATs are a little low, but your class rank is great. It would be good to boost your scores a bit to qualify for the 100% Bright-Futures level.</p>

<p>You have a good shot at UFlorida. I would not sweat it too much.</p>

<p>Anymore comments?</p>

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<p>bump bump, please respond</p>

<p>YOU..................ARE......................IN!!!! good job!</p>

<p>You should be able to get in...try and get that BF scholarship, you are so close.</p>