University of Georgia ACT Superscore?

Hi everyone! One of my top schools, if not my top school, is UGA. I have taken the ACT 3 times and my scores were as follows:
35E/29M/35R/27S - 32 Composite
34E/25M/36R/26S - 30 Composite
35E/27M/34R/33S - 32 Composite

When superscored, I get a 33. Does UGA superscore for scholarships? I know they do for admission, but I am an out-of-state student who will not receive much financial aid, so qualifying for some of their bigger scholarships with a 33 ACT score is important for me.
Thanks for any responses!

I’m not sure if things have changed but up until recently UGA was only looking at the English and Math sub scores of the ACT for both admission and admission to the honors program. It’s odd that they were not considering Science and Reading. They also do not round up for the purposes of the honors program.