University of Georgia and Mercer - Chance Me!

My info
-SAT of 1720 (530 math, 550 reading, 640 writing, 1080 without writing score)
-GPA of 3.8 with all my classes, 3.7 just academic
-AP classes taking and planning to take are AP Literature, AP Drawing, AP Design, AP Statistics and AP US History (haven’t taken any AP tests yet but assume I get three 4’s and two 3’s)
-Extracurriculars of a job for 2yrs, student council officer for 2 years (committee, then treasurer), 2 years National art honors society officer, 2 years Ilead (student mentoring), 2 years beta club, 1 year key club, 2 years marching band, 1 year junior Marshall, 1 year junior cabinet, 1 year senior cabinet, 2 semester long internships (1 art, 1 business)

UGA Info

  • SAT avrg 1865
  • GPA avrg 3.9
  • Reccomend 4 to 9 AP’s

Mercer info
-SAT avrg 1210 (no writting)
-GPA avrg 3.81

I know my academics are low but do my extracurriculars cut it?

I should note I’ve taken all gifted classes except the AP’s, honors world history, honors physics, CP french 1, honors French 2, and gifted accelerated Precal

Let me just say a few words: You are IN.
I wonder why you’re fretting so much?

Deferred. Daughters math and reading SAT score much higher than yours and she was deferred, then denied. I would suggest retaking the SAT.