University of Hartford Admissions

Hi! I applied to the University of Hartford back in October. When does Hartford send out admissions decisions? Does anyone know?

@mclaire010701 General admissions are rolling and you could hear any time, often as quickly as just a couple of weeks. Have you received confirmation that your application was complete, all materials received, etc.?

But if you’ve applied to the Hartt School of Music and an audition is required then it will be considerably longer (auditions are only just beginning and continue after the new year). The Hartford Art School requires a portfolio review and so will take longer as well.

I also applied in October and heard back with my admittance 2 weeks ago. Good luck!

I applied end of November beginning of December and got it today. So there are coming in batches I assume based on where others live. Best of luck in the college admission seasons.

What is the University of Hartford’s top scholarship?

@Loki71 Non-need based merit awards (scholarships) can be as high as full tuition (about $38,000). Typical applicants with about a 3.4 gpa and 1090 SAT can expect $23,000, possibly more.

I got into the Hartt School and the University of Hartford :). Thank you for all of your input!

@mclaire010701 Congratulations. Despite the difficult times at UHart the Hartt School remains highly regarded with excellent faculty and smart, talented students. If you choose to attend you’ll probably find you’re somewhat insulated from the rest of the university and, from what I here, that’s a good thing.

My daughter was accepted into the Nursing program about a month ago. They gave her $25k a year I think because it is a new program. Great deal but hesitant of a brand new program.

How are people hearing about decisions? Email or snail mail? My son applied back in October and hasn’t heard anything. We live in CT.

Hooray Mclaire! Which area of music? Did they give you a scholarship?

Sue, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Nursing school graduates are not asked about the quality of the program they attended, and it’s hard to get into nursing school. I’m sure it will be fine. What will matter is the quality of the clinical training, so as long as they’ve got spots at decent hospitals for training, she’ll be fine.

My son auditioned on December 7 for MT at Hartt. Did anyone else that auditioned on December 7 get a response yet? They guaranteed a response by Jan. 15, but said it would likely come this month during the parent Q&A. Any news?

S received acceptance this morning to civil engineering with $25k merit.

CONGRATS! How did you get the acceptance? email? regular mail?

@DorkyDad I answered in the other thread as well, but neither. He just happened to check the portal and there was an update on there.

Thanks. I didn’t see it. Just logged into my son’s portal. Nothing new so I guess the wait continues. But he did get an email today thanking him for auditioning and inviting him to future campus events. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or just something that Hartt sends to everyone