University of Hartford

Can anyone give me feedback on Univ of Hartford? I am hearing that it is a big party school and I am concerned if the student is not a big partier if she will fit in. thanks.

I would think the party school to go to in the area would be Uconn.

Part of the schools seems to have a trashy reputation in the form of the two year program where there are plenty of students not really doing anything with their lives. That is at least what I have picked up on from browsing here and on (DO NOT USE THAT WEBSITE FOR ANYTHING THOUGH)

However, like other universities, the four year program is what your student will make of it. You can party at any school, every college student everywhere finds a way to have parties. If you want to have that party party life, one would have to join greek life for that sort of stereotype. However, there are solid academic programs filled with lots of legitimate students at University of Hartford. personally, I was accepted to their engineering program and while I thought this would be a school I would blow off, they accepted me into their honors program and have given me 50% off in merit tuition aid without me applying for it. Most party schools are looking for your money and aren’t generally offering that much in merit award aide. Even if I don’t end up going here, it is a school that I am taking very seriously. There is definitely an academically minded sect at this school and the school clearly wants to be better academically known and is trying to pull in intelligent students everywhere it can. If your student is willing to look for her niche, she will definitely find it here among many other places.

Hope this helps!

I have not heard that it has an overly party atmosphere. The arts are very strong and that tends to get a different type of student than the rah-rah party kids. We have visited twice and have been impressed with the students we’ve seen.