University of Hawaii at Manoa

My daughter got into quite a lot of very good schools-she is an environmental science major-She has committed to UH at Manoa–It is strange this school is not mention that much? She will be able to obtain a BS/MS within 5 years-She is from a small school 9all girls) Mercy HighSchool-Justs curious-Why is this school not mention on these forums-Mt daughter has a 3.57 gpa and a 4.1 Weighted-Any insights into UH at Manoa? Thank you!!!

Few post on this forum from Hawaii or even from stated such as AZ, Idaho, CO, etc.
Also, you need to fly there, which may be too much for students.
Hawaii is a great WUE option and if you can write back to describe your child’s experience, it’ll increase its visibility. :+1::+1::muscle::muscle:

Thank you so much! I definitely will!

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