University of Hawaii @ Manoa -- Social Life, Diversity, Out of State Students?

Hello! I am currently a California resident and looking forward to applying to the University of Manoa as a nursing major. I am Asian American myself, but worry about the diversity at UH, is it diverse? Since, I hope to expand my scope of the world starting with college. I heard the social life is really fun and chill, but I was wondering what UH considers with out of state students, since I am not from Hawaii but might need to live/visit regularly in Hawaii due to family business. So, that’s why I was wondering about UH, so I can have a chance to be near home. :slight_smile:

My nephew attended UofH at Mānoa.
He was considered a local because he was from Maui.
He loved his friends and met lots of people from the other islands, as well as from the mainland.
During breaks, my sister, found her living room strewn with kids from the mainland, who couldn’t go home for the breaks (expense, lack of airline seats, short break). Every color under the rainbow is there. It is diverse.

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College Navigator - University of Hawaii at Manoa says the following:

26% Pell grant

61% From in-state
36% From out-of-state domestic
3% From foreign countries

0% American Indian or Alaska Native (0.4% of state population*)
37% Asian (37.6% of state population*)
1% Black or African American (2.2% of state population*)
12% Hispanic or Latino (10.7% of state population)
3% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (10.1% of state population*)
18% White (25.5% of state population*, 21.7% counting only those who are not Hispanic or Latino)
25% Two or more races (24.2% of state population*)
0% unknown
4% Non-resident alien

*Includes those who are Hispanic or Latino, unlike typical college stats. State population numbers from .

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That did not sound right to me. And in looking deeper, does not match what UH says:

Undergraduate Student Diversity*

Asian: 35.9%
Caucasian: 24.9%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander: 18.6%
Multiracial: 16.4%
International: 6%
Hispanic: 1.8%
Black or African American: 1.6%
American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.4%
*current as of Fall 2019

But yeah, it’s diverse.

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