University of Houston Admissions

So i was just wondering how long it takes the University of Houston to give an admissions decision?? Also do they tell you online or through the mail??

My son found out just a few days after they received his official transcript which was the last thing he needed to complete application. He found out online.

My son is auto admit and everything was received 10/7 but we haven’t heard back yet.

My son is an auto admit student. Application was submitted 10/26, they marked his application complete on 10/28, and he was admitted to his preferred major this morning with a letter available in the student/applicant portal.

I applied 11/4 and I just received my decision in the mail yesterday. I still can’t figure out how to find it on the self-service!

It’s hard to find! Go to the Student Center box and then look at the very bottom of the page that comes up.