I don’t see an admission thread for freshman applicants to the Fall of 2019. My DS recently applied and then was accepted for admission just today, so I figured I’d start one.

Texas Resident: Yes
SAT/ACT: SAT Composite Score 1340
Class Rank: 124/793
GPA: 4.333 (Weighted)
First Choice Major: Business
Application Date: 8/13/18 DS received email notifying him of receipt of application.
Admission Decision: 09/13/18 (green check mark indicating admission appeared on 9/12 and admission letter on 9/13)
Honors: DS is uncertain if he will apply as he’s having hard time finding a 3-page literary article to submit

For Ds:
Texas resident
SAT 1380
No class rank
3.95 GPA
Applied on 8/1
Applied to honors college

Still waiting on admissions decision. There was a delay sending his transcript, but hopefully, he’ll here back soon.

@fatherof2boys Did your admissions letter or the uh portal contain any information about scholarship awards?

No, the letter my son received did not mention anything about scholarships. From reading some prior posts, it appears that notification may come later. Also, when my son saw the check mark he emailed admissions to confirm he had been admitted. The next day he saw the PDF letter in his online portal and received an email from an admissions counselor telling him that UH no longer sends out a hard copy acceptance letter.

It’s a bummer they no longer send a hard copy. My son has received a few, and they’re so fun to open and gush over!

Texas Resident: Yes
ACT: 23 Composite
Class Rank: 70/367
GPA: 3.5 (unweighted)
First choice: College of Technology/Digital Media
Application date: Sept 6, 2018.
Admission Decision: Sept 14, 2018. Accepted!
Applied to Honors College: Not yet

@jazzymomof7, My son is a freshman at UH this year. The school typically sends a hard copy packet with letter in Nov. or Dec.

Still no word on whether or not he has been accepted. Seems strange since his stats are well within range…

My son received a letter in the mail today from the Bauer College of Business congratulating him on his admissions. The letter was in a standard size envelope and it contained a one-page letter simply congratulating him on his admission to the business school and listing a few accolades of the school. Back on October 12, 2018, my son was admitted to Mays School of Business at Texas A&M and I think he’s leaning going there instead. However, we will continue to keep our options open respecting UH so I’ll keep everyone posted on how things are processing in case this info is useful or relevant to others.

My ds finally got an email last week saying he was admitted. Nothing by mail yet. He was accepted to Mays, too, but if he gets significant merit money at UH or the other schools he was accepted to, he might choose one of those over Mays.

how long did it take for your ds to find out?


It took around 2 months. Ds is homeschooled so I thibk that’s why it took so long. We heard from the other rolling admissions schools much sooner.

Did you guys get any AES scholarship from UH? If so, how much did you get and what were your stats? I recieved $2,500 and I am rank 81/220 with a 1240 SAT score.

He got $4500. SAT score was 1380.

My son received $4,500 a year. 1340 SAT with 124/793 class rank. Son was admitted to Bauer but did not apply to Honors College.

My son submitted an honors college application, but they want a second literary analysis essay, and I’m not sure he has one. Going to try to have him figure it out today.

@jazzymomof7, trying to come up with a writing sample that fit UH’s requirements for the Honors College app is what lead my son to not apply. He had intended to do so; however, after he was admitted to Texas A&M business school (which was a pleasant surprise since he’s not an auto-admit) I think he moved on.

I’m not certain, but I had assumed that their might be additional scholarship opportunities through the Honors College which is why i mentioned it in my post above. We will have to consider as a family if the $4,500 annually is enough to go to UH over A&M where we likely will receive no aid (merit or need-based), or even UT-Austin where we are still waiting on an admission decision which likely will be a rejection.

In any event, I think that UH has a lot of positives in its favor, namely that for the purpose of obtaining internship opportunities there’s no better place to be in the state of Texas than the city of Houston.

Good luck to everyone.

I think honors college carries the potential for a $6,000 scholarship. That’s the only reason DS is jumping thru all the hoops for it.

I got accepted to the Honors College and U of H!

Class Rank: Top 10%
First Choice Major: Biochem

I have got acceptance letter today, but no mention of scholarship… I am Top 5% of a TX HS with a SAT score in 1400s… whoever received scholarship had to apply separately for merit based aid? Please reply. Thank you