University of Houston need help

Hi guys so I am currently a senior at my highschool.My gpa is 2.8 out of 5 and sat score is 1130 first time taking it but I’m going to take it again and aim for a 1200. I’m trying to apply for UofH in exploratory studies and just do my basics and hopefully transfer to Bauer.I understand my gpa is low but I went through a lot of financially struggles in highschool and had look after my family.I have stacked resume in terms of I’m part of many clubs and co created a premed club on top I’m a Boy Scout about to be Eagle Scout and have 200+ hours for volunteering at Houston Methodist I also do a lot of volunteering at my mosque and worked at two different jobs.I just wanted to see if I could get in I’m a hard worker but because of family hardships I wasn’t adequately prepared for highschool but I’m determined to become successful in college.Also my friend who was in a similar situation last year had 3.3 1250 sat score got in I will appreciate the help and support thank u very much

@saaalll I hope you got in! :slight_smile: