University of Houston: Tier One Scholarship

I recently received the Academic Excellence Scholarship from U of H, and along with it, an invitation to apply for the Tier One Scholarship. The scholarship covers tuition, mandatory fees, and on campus housing for two years. In order to apply, a resume needs to be submitted, and an interview needs to be conducted. I was wondering if anyone on here has gone through this process, and would be willing to discuss it.
How extensive was your resume?
What is discussed during the Tier One Scholarship Day event?
How was the interview?

You can read the profiles for current scholars to get an idea about the depth of their resumes.

Thank you!

I went today to the Tier One Invitational event held at the Honors College, and I’ll just write down my experience for anyone looking for some information on this in the future,

You’re allowed to bring one guest, and most everybody brought a parent. I did see one person bring their friend along though. When you arrive, you check in at the Honors College, and are handed a badge to stick on with your name, your major, group name (Alpha, Delta, or Omega), and your interview time and room. Along with it, you are handed a bag of goodies, and a schedule for the day, which depends on the group assigned.
So the day started with breakfast and introductions from the President, Deans, and other staff. There’s two sessions, and there was well over a hundred people in my session, so there’s definitely plenty of competition. They are really trying to push the Honors College, and give many reasons why it would be a good choice for students. After that discussion, everyone breaks off into their groups, with each of the three large groups getting broken up into 5 smaller groups, led by current Honors College students. The groups then go on tours of the campus, the Honors College, and to interviews.

The campus tour is just what it sounds like it is. Lots of walking, and get taken around the campus, showing is the building and what classes would be located where, where the food courts and student centers are, where the dorms are, along with input form a current student. It was a good experience. We even had the chance to visit the football stadium (GO COOGS), but the majority of our small group didn’t want to walk to it, so we just continued the tour.

The tour of the Honors College consists of exploring the many services provided to the students participating in the Honors College. Again, they stress the importance of the Honors College for us. We then have the opportunity to talk with other people of with our major in sort of a career fair setting.

The most nerve wracking part is the interview. This is what determines whether you get receive the scholarship or not, so it is is worry some. During this section, you and your guest seperate. They are given more information about the college and all the opportunities offered. You, on the other hand, go to to your interview room. These are group interviews, so this could be a plus or a negative, depending on how you look at it. Interview are done in groups of three, with two interviewers. There were three major question asked, with follow up questions depending on what you responded. At the end, you can ask questions yourself. To be honest, the interview was much easier than I would have expected. If you made it this far, you should know your accomplishments and leadership abilities well enough to answer the questions.

After all this, we are taken back to the main room, and the event is concluded. We got a free shirt on the way out so that was great. If you wanted to stick around, there was dorm tours you could take part in.

Overall, it was a pretty great experience. The students and staff try their hardest to distract you from the interview your so that you don’t worry yourself. They are really trying to get U of H to a higher level of recognition, and rightfully so. There’s plenty the school has to offer, and I can honestly picture myself going here, even without the scholarship.

Go Coogs!

I’m glad to hear that it went well! Good luck! The information that you have posted will be helpful for anyone who applies for the scholarship in the future.

Hi, I’m a freshman at UH and a Tier One Scholar. Just shoot me a message or reply to this if you have any questions about UH/ Honors/ Tier One, etc. I remember what it was like a year ago… wanted more info but I couldn’t find any! Been in your shoes.

When does U of H notify Tier one winners? and how?

Hello! I was accepted into UH awhile ago, but am having trouble finding any information on their site about applying to more scholarships. Where do I go to apply for Academic Excellence Scholarship and by extension the Tier One Scholarship? I am really really afraid I have missed some deadline because of my lack of information, so any help would be great. Thanks!

The Tier One deadline has passed, but maybe there are other scholarships available.

What questions do they ask in the interview?

Have they already sent invites for Tier One Scholarships this year?

Hello. Please let me know what kinds of questions are being asked at the Tier One Scholarship Interview from UH?

@AllenTx15 yes they have.

@Carla1980 I doubt anyone knows what they will be asking this year.

@CorpusChristi Thx for the info. My sons school does not rank. He did not request his counselor to send where he stands. Not sure if that made a difference. Did they send them by mail or email. When is the interview. Good Luck to you all.

@AllenTx15 i think they went mostly on grades and test scores according to the website. My D got an email. It is this weekend. Thank you.

@CorpusChristi, My Son has 1600 SAT old / 36 ACT and 4.0 UW GPA. His school does not rank. We were not even aware of Tier One Scholarship until I saw in forums today. He is NMSF. He got the $8500 AES and he will get NMSF scholarship if he accepts. But Tier One is better scholarship. It pays for 2 years housing while NMSF does not. Well its too late now. Good Luck to your D in the interview.

He is interested in HBS / Direct Med program. Hoping to get invite for that.

@AllenTx15 Sounds like he is very qualified! I don’t know how they decide who to invite but it sounds like he has a bright future. Good luck to him! Is he considering other colleges as well?

@CorpusChristi Thx. He is interested in UH because of their HBS/Direct Medical Program. If he gets that it will be his top choice. He has admissions to Baylor / SMU / UT Austin / UTD. He is waiting on Rice and few Ivys he applied. It will be a long wait till end of March to figure out where he will go. Hopefully he can enjoy the senior semester without the stress of applications :slight_smile:

Do know of prior year questions asked at Uh interview for Tier One? If you do,9’s please share with us.

To shibe2 - thanks so much for sharing the information on your Tier One activities day at UH. Can you share the information on the interview questions? What types of questions? Advices on handling the questions…
Thanks again…