university of houston

<p>Can anyone give me information about the university of houston? I'm considering their anthropology program. I've been all over their website, but I would like some unbiased info.Like level of challenge for students, would a degree from there carry me into an excellent ph'd program (example: rice,brown,dartmouth). Any other helpful information is appreciated.Thanks.</p>

<p>I don't have complete information, so take this opinion accordingly, but I am not particularly impressed with U of Houston. There are a huge number of commuter students. There are a few stellar faculty members. I know several kids who transferred from UH to Rice who absolutely hated their UH experience. I think there might be better choices for you. I don't see any reason to come to Houston for undergraduate school unless you are going to Rice.</p>

<p>I second this post. ^^^</p>

<p>Yeah. It's just not worth it to come here and live just to go to U of H.</p>

<p>I have other reasons for moving to houston, one I was born there, two my husband has been offered a job there. I'm just not positive if my previous college credit is strong enough to transfer into rice. I have a 3.8 grade point average, but I have been out of school for almost four years. I am going to apply to Rice, but just in case I don't get accepted there University of Houston was a back-up.</p>

<p>I currently go to the University of Houston b/c I had no choice b/c of immigration issues. I can't say I know much about the anthropology program, but I would advise you to try to get into a better school if you can. I feel I am at a severe disadvantage now going here, b/c the education really isn't that great, most of us do indeed commute so the college experience is sorely missing, and while there are a few good faculty members, the bad seem to outweigh the good. I'm a business and econ major, and am really interested in consulting/IB/or something similar, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to rise above and stand out in a seemingly Ivy-dominated field. </p>

<p>I could only apply to Texas schools, and I got into UT Austin and A&M since I was in the top 1% of my high school class. I wish I had been able to transfer to UT, but I have too many hours I believe, and money of course, since I'm putting myself through school. If UT has a similar program, I'd at least suggest trying them, and giving Rice a shot, even though they tend to be picky from what I've heard.</p>

<p>On the upside, since UH is a non-traditional school, you'll be able to meet people of all ages from all walks of life. Also, I believe we're one of the most diverse schools in the nation, if that floats your boat. Cost of living in Houston is also pretty low.</p>

<p>can you elaborate upon which classes have the bad faculty members and which ones have the good?</p>