University of Illinois - Urbana Applicant!

<p>Just wondering whos applying here..and what your stats are!? Additionally, have you already applied?</p>

<p>I am applying too!
korean internatinoal
I acutally applied for ED.
I hope I can get everything done before Christmas.</p>

<p>I applied with my 1400 SAT (780m 620v) I just got my October scores back and now I have a 1470 (780m 690v). I rank 10/221 in my class and am VERY involved. I applied to the school of LAS.</p>

<p> applying to LAS...nice stats! Applied already! But my teacher recs havent gotten there yet!</p>

<p>I applied there. Decision Pending.
ACT 30
GPA 3.5
Not quite top 10%
Pretty Good EC's
I applied to Engineering and am a female</p>

<p>Is your decision still pending? How long does it usually take?</p>