University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Computer Science vs Olin College of Engineering

My son is also admitted to Olin, but is interested in computer science, so hesitating on committing. Do you know if there is a source of info about where students who had a computer science focus at Olin ended up working and what jobs they are in? We can find a general list of employers, but can’t drill down into the information to see if kids actually ended up working in the field of CS.

:slight_smile: she may have more options of Michigan - seems a more flexible school :slight_smile:

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If this was mentioned already, I’m sorry. I didn’t read all of the replies.

People can advocate that one is “better” than the other, but you really can’t. You’ve already hit it on the head that the two can’t be more different than one and other. There is no better or worse when you’re choosing between an apple and an orange.

You can set foot on any big public campus and get an approximation of Illinois. There’s only one way to understand Olin. You have to see it in person. It’s a love it or hate it thing. For better or worse, depending on what a student wants, it’s SMALL! I’m talking Hogwards small. There is no way to appreciate that unless you see it in person. You are close enough to do that if you haven’t. Go there, and say Rutgers (just as a proxy). Then she’ll know.

No wrong answer. Good luck.

As I mentioned in reply #28, this may be a case where the answer to the “A vs. B” choice may actually be C, a college where a student undecided between computer science and some type of engineering can more freely choose between them later (UIUC is very difficult to change into some engineering majors, while WPI has limited CS offerings).

This type of situation comes up occasionally. In one case, the initial post gave a choice between a too-expensive (large parent loans) college for CS versus a full ride at a college without CS (the desired major). After some prodding, a third choice barely affordable college with CS was revealed, and it was the best choice. Another case involved a choice between full ride in-state UIUC but to pre-engineering, when the student wanted one of the hardest to get into engineering majors, versus an expensive out-of-state flagship (that still had secondary admission to the desired major). Later in the thread, a full ride to a different out-of-state flagship where there were no barriers to the desired major was revealed.

That’s what I get for not reading all 40+ posts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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She may . . . there was another thread on UMich vs CMU and, in it, the flexibility of transferring between colleges/schools at Michigan came up as a positive. That said, UMich still seems a distant third or fourth among options for my daughter.

There’s a video on YouTube with a couple of recent Olin graduates. One is working at Stripe, and the other is at IBM. The great majority of CS or Software Engineering grads from any school end up doing software development, and I’d bet the house that the same applies to Olin grads.

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