University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

<p>I would love to go to Champaign but from what i've heard, their admission is out of whack...i've known people applying to LAS to have had 3.9+ g.p.a's and 28+ acts and get rejected while people w gpas in the low 3's and acts of 26 get accepted. Personally I have a 3.75 (3.49 uw) gpa and a score of 27 for my acts. Is anyone familiar with Champaign's standards and what they are looking for??</p>


<p>They are looking for two things: a high class rank and a high SAT/ACT. The middle 50% ranges for LAS in 2004 were 25-30 ACT, 1110-1340 SAT, and 83rd-95th percentile class rank.</p>