University of Iowa campus jobs

<p>Typical me, I tend to look/plan further beyond than many of my peers ( well my siblings opinion). I was curious of the best time to secure a job on campus. I have already looked at all the jobs offered and have discovered many that I would have interest in doing. The worst thing possible is doing a 10hr/week job you dread. I really wish I knew my class schedule so I could complete an application or two but my orientation is Aug 20th. Any advice? At the moment I am loan free but if I fail to get a work study job I will have to take out loans.</p>

<p>Hi CB,</p>

<p>Per the following web site, there will be a job fair during Welcome Week, which is the week when I believe most students try to secure employment.
Employment</a> - Office of Student Financial Aid - The University of Iowa.
I would try to see if you can find any resources or want ads on line. </p>

<p>Not only is doing a 10 hr/wk job when you are a busy student difficult, but I agree that doing one you hate is much worse. When I was an undergrad, I worked as a computer operator, so it was a nice addition to my resume, since I was a comp sci major. As a junior I worked as a grader for a CS class, and as a senior, I got a job as a teaching asst. These helped land summer jobs, which is in turn helped land my first job when I graduated at a great company. </p>

<p>So if you can find a job that you enjoy and can somehow leverage it towards your major and future employment, then you have a real win-win. </p>

<p>I believe you are studying poli sci/econ if I remember correctly from other posts, so I would suggest looking for a job that is somehow in this direction. That may not be practical, since such jobs are not as plentiful as computer related jobs on campus, but something to consider. </p>

<p>Even if not related to your major, do a great job and view the job as a learning experience in as many dimensions as possible -- hopefully one or two managers/colleagues can then be great as references for your next job. </p>

<p>Good luck, and I hope this helps a little!</p>


<p>I didn't know about the job fair I definately plan to attend it.
I do have interest in studying political science and economics. So far I did review a few jobs towards my studies which requested for students to have interest in social justice... all under social science etc.... I am just nervous to wait at the last minute.</p>