University of Iowa Fraternities

Hi Everyone,
I have been trying to find honest information about fraternities at Iowa, with no luck. I am not being a helicopter parent, just doing a little research on behalf of my son. I know (no, really) that he is not much of a partier (if at all) and would definitely not want to be forced or pressured to drink, etc. I also know that he would not want to join a fraternity that hazes extensively (silly initiation stuff is fine, just not the scary stuff). He’d love the brotherhood and friendships, rituals and events, but is leery. He’d also be totally fine not joining a fraternity, but wanted to be open to the possibility. Any information you have and can share would be appreciated. Thanks!

Iowa is nice in that greek life is not necessary but for those that go that route it is vibrant. The greek system at Iowa has been under some pressure in the last year or two due to a couple of severe accidents that occurred at out of town events. I know one was a paralysis, don’t remember the other. As a result there have been no out of town events and no drinking in the houses.

That said from what my son has told me, almost every fraternity has an “out house” or off campus house a group of upperclassmen rent in order to have a place to host parties. This is no different than most of the rental properties in Iowa City but does give a bit of a black eye to the greek system in that they are consciously finding a way around the rules they have been given.

I know that the university just relaxed the restrictions in the last month or so, I’m not sure whatthose new rules are but things seem to be moving back to the party side of things.

My son was anti-rush when he first went to school but once he met a few guys and went to a couple of the “out house” parties he wanted to rush. In waiting until second semester he changed his mind again and did not join a house and has a very active social calendar.

Thank you, iaparent!