University of Iowa Presidential Scholarship and Iowa Flagship Award?

Has this been phased out? I find reference to Presidential Scholars and Presidential Scholarship on UI’s webpage, but don’t see anywhere how to apply.

Has it been replaced by their Iowa Flagship Award of $8,500 per year? That’s pretty close to in-state tuition & fees of $9,830. Also, that Flagship Award is automatic for anyone with 33 ACT (SAT 1450) AND a 3.80 cumulative GPA on a 4.00 scale, correct? Its not that your just “eligible” to apply to compete for it if you have those credentials, right?

Call the financial aid office or the office of admissions to find out. The money you get based on your GPA/SAT/ACT is automatic and there is a range of amounts. The presidential scholarship could be something you’re invited to apply for or you receive automatically if chosen. Can’t hurt to ask .

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