University of Iowa Scholarships for Fall 2018

Curious if anyone has started to received letter that indicates if your child got any additional scholarships?

@coloradohawkeye My D received a letter via regular mail in late December that she was awarded an additional small, freshman year scholarship of $1500 through Tippe ($750 a semester). This is in addition to the merit scholarship she was awarded in the fall after her acceptance. We weren’t necessarily expecting it, so a nice surprise.

My son just got an envelope in the mail today. He got an academic success scholarship of $6000.00 and a UI National Scholars Award of $7000.00. We were not expecting that–not sure where he will end up, but that was a pleasant surprise!

We are out of state. My D received the automatic merit scholarships, and listed on her financial aid page is an additional one for $2,600 which was not in the letter they mailed her. But no mention of any other ones yet.

My daughter received an UI Academic Success Scholarship last week for $6,000/year, in addition to the Old Gold Scholarship she received after she was accepted. We’re OOS.

My D got Academic Success Scholarship $6k/yr
UI Nationals Scholars Award $7/yr
UI advantage Iowa $5k/yr
UI advantage Iowa (Need-Based) $10k/yr

Was told by fin aid office that UI advantage Iowa & UI National Scholars are set all four years.

Others are FAFSA based year to year depending on income

Wondering if Tippie business is still awarding scholarships?

So how likely is the academic success scholorship going to carry over to years 2-4? We are OOS and that scholorship makes a huge difference for us.

My daughter got a total of $15k in 4 year scholarships. Unfortunately, that still puts our cost at $30k a year. We are OOS.

I did the Net Price Calculator on the University of Iowa’s website and it estimates that my D would get an advantage Iowa need based award. She just got her merit scholarship notification and ended up getting about 15K in merit-based awards but there was no mention of the advantage Iowa need-based award. Was your D’s need-based award included in her scholarship notification or did you have to wait until you go your financial aid packet?

Does Iowa’s Presidential Scholarship still exist for full tuition? I find reference to it on their website, but nothing about how to apply for it.

My son was accepted to Tippie and received $7600 per year (we are OOS). He has received large merit scholarships ($15 - $21,000 per year) from other Public Universities. He really loves Iowa, should he contact his admissions counselor?

From date you or your kids submitted through common app for Iowa how long did their rolling admission decision typically take? Just curious. DD just submitted Saturday. Not worried about getting admitted, but want to make sure she’s admitted in time to submit Honors application by end of this month.