University of Kansas Grade Grid

Hi, I am applying to KU and I have a question about the Grade grid. My school uses a range of 93-100 is an A and a B is 85-92. On Kansas application, it showed a range of 90-100 as an A. Is this how they use their range to compute your GPA. I have several classes that are a 92 but would they be an A in the application for Kansas? I am a senior in high school. Thanks!!!

I can’t answer this with complete certainty on what the best solution is, but I’ll tell you what my daughter did: She punted on it. Her classes didn’t fit nicely into the application’s grid, either (though in her case because of the way her school district—not in Kansas—awards credits, not the grading system), and so she uploaded a copy of her transcript.

The bonus of doing that is that you have to upload a transcript to apply to the honors college, so if that’s in your plans, the grade grid is effectively superfluous anyway.

Thanks, I punted on it too and just put I will send my transcript in. The reason I ask is because I have a 3.40 GPA and need a 3.5 to qualify for their scholarship. KU is my dream school