University of Kentucky - Calculus class

I was looking at the calculus class in UKY and saw that the fall 2019 calculator policy totally bans students from bringing calculators to the exams. Are there any current students that can confirm that information? Do they provide calculators at the exams?

@FutureMedStudent20 My son is an engineering major at UK and he’s in his fourth–and final–semester of Calculus. I know he uses his calculator. I believe there are also other kinds of calculus so I’m not sure if you would take MA 113 (Calc 1) and MA 114 (Calc 2) for your major or if you if take a different calculus class. I would ask that question at orientation. My son did tell me that AP Calculus AB and BC were great foundational classes to get you ready for college calculus. Good luck to you!