University of Kentucky Early Action Admissions

I applied early action to University of Kentucky. When should I receive my admissions decision?

I received mine about a week after i applied!

My son received his acceptance a week after he applied as well. They have also confirmed that scholarship information will go out next week.

@proudmom9 @lydiagp123 are admissions decisions posted online or are they sent out as letters?

Both! if you log into tour uk account and hit application status it should tell you!

My son checked his online portal and it was listed there then a few hours later he had his letter in hand as well.

He has already completed his housing and LLC application online, created his UK email and has everything going in the right direction. My understanding is that scholarship offers will begin to go out sometime this week, so that is pretty much what he is waiting for.

Is there a separate application for LLC - we may have missed that. Please everyone post as soon as you get scholarship info. As my name says, I am very anxious about this.

The LLC application is in with the housing application. It asks you to list top 3 choices. My son only had 2 he wanted so he left the 3rd one. But the housing application can be accessed as soon as you have the acceptance.

Thank you for clarifying. My son did include his choice on the housing app. Now if we could just hear about those scholarships!

I had emailed UK to confirm what they needed for the scholarship information from us. I then scanned and sent the confirmation of his National Hispanic Scholar status to them. I emailed back last week to make sure they had received it and they confirmed receipt and said that they were hoping to get scholarship offers out the following week (which would be this week) so hopefully that information will come soon.

Is there an additional essay required for the Honors LLC? So admittance to the Lewis Honors College is not immediate acceptance into the Honors LLC if desired?

Yes the Honor’s college requires a separate application that includes 2 essays.

I am actually asking about the Honors LLC (Living Learning Community). There is an additional essay for this LLC when you select it as a choice on your housing application. Does this mean you can get into the Honors college but NOT into the Honors LLC?

Yes, it seems like housing does everything separate. Not all honors college students will want to live in the honors LLC. Housing also assigns by application date and some communities will reach capacity. We applied for housing before accepting admission - still waiting on scholarship info. DS received his LLC (engineering) acceptance this week.

Did he receive his LLC acceptance on his portal or email or snail mail. My son also did the housing application before accepting his admission as he waits on scholarship information.

proudmom9 - It sounds like we are in similar situations. We received emails at both the parent and student addresses. It is also on the Link Blue under your housing application which is where you will go to accept or decline. FYI - we applied for housing the first week of October. If you can, please post when you get any scholarship info.

We re anxiously awaiting the scholarship information. Every time my son gets an envelope from UK he gets excited only to find that it is another please apply- you may qualify for type of letter. Always funny how no one ever realizes who has and who has not already applied before sending out promotional materials.

My son applied on 11/14 and received admission letter today. He was accepted into the engineering program. He has been following the next steps, which included setting up his email. Problem is, we can’t figure out how to check it. Can anyone help?

He was able to add the account to his app. :slight_smile: