University of Louisville Merit Package

Looking opinions on accepting prior to getting financial aid / merit package letter. I was told the letter won’t come until February with merit details.


Please explain why you would accept an enrollment offer before you have a financial aid package?

I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t just wait until you receive the financial aid package.

In addition, is this the only college your student applied to? Does the student perhaps want to see other acceptances and net costs?

Exactly my point. Why is U of L asking for her to commit and pay the deposit before they have even sent out the financial package? I was confused that we may have missed something? (She applied to 9 school and has received the financial package from all of them)

When do they expect you to commit?

We had some universities send acceptances before they send the merit scholarship information. However, in each case we had lots of time before we needed to decide whether to attend. “Acceptance in January, merit information in February, decide by May 1” sounds familiar. I never saw any case where we were expected to commit before getting the financial aid information.

They may feel that getting the acceptance early takes some stress off from your point of view. The extent to which this succeeds might depend upon how dependent you are on the financial aid.