University of Louisville?

Does University of Louisville offer merit scholarships for OOS?

Yes they do:
Also, this page provides other information:

I wish college confidential was more active for U of Louisville. It is a wealth of knowledge for the Texas schools, but my second daughter is leaning toward Louisville, and I can’t find an active place online to ask questions. She has been accepted as an Industrial Engineering major, is currently at the OOS scholarship level that will get her $12K a year, and took the SAT again yesterday in an attempt to get to the $15K.

@txaggiemom I have also been disappointed not to see more UofL info here. My daughter is in state, so we have proximity, but still it would be nice to have more of a presence here. Good luck on the SAT and scholarships! I have a son at UK and it looks like we might be a “house divided” as they say here in Kentucky :wink:

@Momto2too Thanks for the reply! We are already a house divided—my husband & I are Aggies and our first daughter is a freshman at UT Austin this year! We have friends in Louisville, so we have visited campus twice, but it’s nice when parents/students from the year before or currently going through the application process are willing to help with questions.

My daughter just received her acceptance to U of L. I wish there were more activity on here as well. We are OOS and I would love to hear from people!

Yay! My daughter has her acceptance and applied early to the Honors College, hoping to hear this month. We have done a campus tour, and I can say that although it has a very urban feel, it is also well designed for foot traffic and bicycles. My daughter has three other colleges she’s considering, but once we stepped on that campus and she talked to people there, she started leaning pretty hard that way. We have found that the advisors are very responsive, too. If she sends a question, she gets an answer back in a couple of hours or at least the same day. Since she’s looking fairly seriously, I just joined the UofL Parents Association and the University of Louisville Office of Admissions on Facebook. The Admissions page hosts Facebook Live sessions that are pretty interesting.

@lmadam Congrats!

@Momto2too My daughter also really liked the campus and it’s compact size as well as the city offerings close by. What major is your daughter? So far, my daughter has not applied for honors because it did not appear to mesh with the fairly strict engineering plans to us, but if anyone has insight on that, we would love to hear it. And yes, the response from advisors, tour guides, etc., have had a tremendous impact on my daughter’s mindset. You don’t normally get personalized tours and phone calls within 5 minutes on a Friday evening in response to a distraught email from lots of big universities. There was a blib with submitting an SAT score only instead of an ACT score, and she was called and reassured instantly that a full engineering admission was on its way even though her portal noted a denial for engineering and only a general admission offer. I was thankful not to go through the long Labor Day weekend with that weighing on us!

Where are you from? We are in NJ and we dont know anyone else applying from here

@lmadam We are from Texas and also do not know anyone else applying.

@txaggiemom Mine is looking at Criminal Justice, but maybe Political Science. She’s interested in law school, and they have a 3+3 program (if you are accepted in your junior year you can start taking law school classes during your senior year, shortening the number of years total in school). But I really think it was the “feel” of the campus and the people that did it for her. She grew up in a college town (Lexington) that has a smaller feel, so I wasn’t sure how she’d like it, but she really does. I’m really excited for her. You should tune in on Monday when they have their Facebook Live about the Honors College. Maybe you can send in a question about Engineering and Honors? Go to Facebook and search for University of Louisville Office of Admissions (the event is Monday 11/11).

@Momto2too Thanks for the information. I already follow the page but will make sure to check out Monday’s session!