University of Maine Fall 2016 thread

My son got in yesterday (they sent a water bottle, with a little admissions letter hidden inside- we almost missed it!). There was no info in there on the Honors program, which he expected to get into. Does anyone know whether they send those admissions with the water bottle, or would/could that come later?

I received my acceptance letter and the water bottle about a month and a half before I was invited to the honors college. They send a separate letter with honors written on the envelope.

Last year my daughter received her Honors College invite a month or so after admission in a separate letter with a nice brochure about the program. This was followed up with some emails from the Honors College as well. UMaine’s Honors College does have a good reputation. My daughter ended up going to school elsewhere but she was excited about it.

thanks both!

My son was admitted a couple of weeks ago in the same manner as yours. Yesterday he got a separate packet telling him inviting him into the Honors Program so it comes at a later date.

if you still haven’t heard, i would recommend emailing the dean of honors college, that is what i did and i found out about 3 weeks before I got the official email.

Anyone know how the poly sci program is ?

I received my honors invitation two months after admission so there is a wait time to it.

I was accepted into the Maine Business School with $6000/year in merit scholarship. I found out by going online and seeing the green checkmark that indicated accepted/admitted. A few days later a letter came telling me about the scholarship. Didn’t receive a water bottle (kinda want one tbh) or anything about honors program!

Committed for Fall of 2016- Going on an academic full-ride and I’ll be visiting on the 25th of April… Can’t wait!

@KirstenJeann Congrats!