University of Maryland College Park 2025 Class TEST OPTIONIAL admission (truly without SAT/ACT)

Let’s start here with GPA (unweighted and weighted), No SAT score and ACT score. See how it will shakes out late January "applied TEST OPTIONAL’s only.

My daughter applied test optional w/ GPA 3.9UW/4.1 weighted. Rigorous high school, great EC’s and leadership.

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My daughter applied TO. 3.96UW/4.26W
In state.

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I applied, cumulative gpa 3.83
In state
ECs all 4 years
80 hours of community service
3 aps
Major Comp Sci (hopefully lol)

My daughter applied TO, 3.74 UW, 4.3W, 9-10 APs, dual enrollment senior year, lifeguard, volunteer swim and volleyball coach. In-state.

applied with a 3.91 weighted 3 APs and a bunch of honors classes. Out of state. Multiple jobs and a lot of volunteer work and tennis and dance for sports

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My daughter applied for computer science test optional w/ GPA 4.0UW/4.8 weihted. She is accepted in Computer Science program with Honors

My daughter was accepted into Info Science - as an update to my above post.

Update: Accepted into Fall under conditional admission of AAP/STP program.
Major: AAP (undecided)

Fantastic! The 4.0’s (UW) seem to be doing great, even without test scores!