University of Maryland College Park (UMD) Early Action for Fall 2023

Just my humble opinion, but for 30K delta on an accredited degree from two big ten schools, and the smaller feel and great support from Schreyer, this would be a no brainer to me!

In a way it is our situation too (though no Schreyer here) - DS is in for engineering at Penn State (In state) and UMD (OOS no merit), amoung others. I showed him those same numbers you have, and he already declined his UMD acceptance lol. Still looking at others in the ballpark of Penn State with and without merit, but 30K delta didn’t make and sense given the schools for us.


FYI… posted by Maryland Admissions:

Now that you’ve been admitted to UMD, we hope you’ll join us for a celebratory get-together hosted in your community! During one of our Terps on Tour receptions, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • meet representatives from UMD
  • hear from esteemed alumni speakers
  • tune in to a live student panel and hear first-hand Terp experiences
  • learn more about your next steps as an admitted student

You’ll also have a chance to confirm your enrollment and celebrate in-person with other newly admitted students! Light refreshments will be served.


Are the decisions for Schreyers already out?

Yes they came out OB Feb 28th.


Did anyone get a Music School Scholarship already?

I’ve read a lot of posts about meeting gateway requirements and transferring into CS with no problems. Does anyone know if it is the same for aerospace engineering or is this a competitive application after meeting gateway requirements? Thanks!!

When my D started at UMD inthe Fall of 2014, CS was not a LEP. The big question at her orientation was about being able to get into Engineering from L&S.

They assured everyone that doing an internal transfer was not a problem, as long as the gateway requirements were met.

I have not seen anything since then that would indicate issues with transferring into Engineering. My D did an internal transfer into a LEP (not engineering) and the guy who became her husband, did an internal transfer from L&S into Engineering.

From what I can tell, the sub-specialty does not matter. You transfer from L&S into the Clark School of Engineering

All UMD Engineering majors are considered Limited Enrollment.

See the document at the Letters and Sciences UMD website for more information.

An excerpt

Page 3 of 4

Four-Year Plans

To view sample “Four-Year Plans” for all of our Engineering majors, visit:


Is admission to the School of Engineering competitive?

As a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP), admission to the School of Engineering is indeed competitive.

However, in general, space permitting, if you complete the required gateway courses for the School of Engineering, you can expect to transfer into this college.

Do I need to know what major I will be within the School of Engineering before I apply?
Yes, you must apply for a specific major within Engineering. You will not be accepted as an undecided
engineering student. Visit the following websites to learn more about the different fields and specialties within Engineering: OR

Quick Inquiry if anyone knows the answer….does UMD offer any type of scholarships to Spring Freshman admitted students and if so, when is that awarded ( for those that applied EA). Thanks in advance for response.

Unfortunately not.

From their website:

  • Students admitted for the spring semester are not considered for merit scholarships.

Wow, thanks for posting this. This is very interesting. Also, the subjects of those kids’ essays (alcoholism, dad’s affair with a prostitute) are subjects my D22’s guidance counselor says are off limits.

Ok…gotcha…thanks for responding.


I see a link I posted didn’t work.
Here is screenshot of required gateway classes.

Yes they do. My terp (Class of 2024) receives both the presidential and NMF scholarship. They are both renewable for up to 4Yr.


I believe they no longer do this. My D (NMF) had checked and they didn’t stack additional $$ on top of her full Presidential scholarship.

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They did it this semester (spring 2023) for my terp. He is in state if that matters.

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I see, that’s interesting.

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Is nmf scholarship only for instate? Where do I find info about it in UMD website

I would recommend speaking with admissions. In 2020 it was not on the web site and another parent told me about receiving the stacked scholarship. Admissions confirmed this and my terp has received it each semester.


Students may receive only one of the following scholarships:

Banneker/Key Scholarship,Frederick Douglass Scholarship,Maryland Transfer Scholarship,President’s Scholarship, orDean’s Scholarship.

These scholarships may not be combined with one another. They can, however, be combined with other grants and scholarships.