University of Maryland Online Application

<p>I submitted my application online in October and had my SAT scores, transcripts, and recommendations in by the priority decision deadline on the 8th. However, when I went on the website to check my status, it told me they had not received my TOEFL/English Profficiency Test. Now, I was born in America and have lived my entire life here. I think this is because I answered that Russian was my first language instead of English although I can barely even speak Russian anymore.
I tried to contact the admissions office to explain this to them but could only find an email, to which I sent an email but never got a reply (sent a week ago). I was wondering what I should do? It says not received besides the TOEFL while other things say not applicable. Would my application be considered incomplete if this isn't fixed?
It does say "Application Status: Completed on 11/--/2011" but I am not sure.
Thank you!</p>

<p>I would continue trying to contact the school just in case, but it seems like if it says your application is complete then you're all set.</p>

<p>Sometimes, some schools can grant a waiver if your reading and/or writing section of the SAT-1 has a score >700. You may need to check with them to make sure.</p>