University of Maryland Question about college credits

The question is as follows: Please select the number of college credits you currently have in progress. If you do not currently have any college courses in progress, select 0.* I don’t have any college courses or credits in progress, but I have some that I got in the previous few years. How do I answer the question?

*Also, if you select a number more than 0, this question pops up:
"Please enter the name of the institution(s) at which you have college courses in progress.

Reminder: Students must submit final transcripts of all college coursework, whether or not the course was completed.*"

You choose 0 because you have none in progress right now. This question is about which classes you are currently enrolled in and that you will have to send a transcript for later in the year.

That is a separate issue from the courses that you already have completed. For those you do have a final transcript available, so you need to have that transcript sent now.

Is there a University of Maryland Admissions decision thread?

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