University of Maryland...What are my chances?

<p>I really want to go to UMD & I'll be upset if im denied acceptance. Im somewhat confident in my application but, I have a few blemishes in my academic history that are causing me to lose ALOT of sleep. I earned a 4.0 this year, my freshman year in school but when averaged with my previous transcript, it brings down my cumulative gpa considerably. Below is my you think I have a shot????</p>

<li>21 y/o</li>
<li>Sophomore (This Fall)</li>
<li>African-American Male</li>
<li>Maryland Resident</li>
<li>Community College - 12 Credits, 2.0 GPA (Bad time in my life) (2006-2007)</li>
<li>Delaware State University - 30 Credits, 4.0 GPA (Summa Cum Laude, President's List, Freshman Honors) (2009-2010)</li>
<li>Cumulative Grade Point Average - 3.42 GPA (Weight Avg / Both Schools)</li>
<li>SAT - Haven't taken since High School. University of Maryland website says Transfers dont have to submit scores.</li>
<li>ECs - Too many to list</li>
<li>Work Experience - Held various jobs since 14.</li>

<p>I say you have a fairly decent shot. Having tons of ECs and good work experience will help you, but the most impressive thing is going from a 2.0 to a 4.0 on the president's list. As a transfer, I think you'll have a good shot. You are also a minority, and you should be able to discuss the "bad time in your life" that got you the 2.0 in an essay (maybe?)</p>

<p>The school has ~47% acceptance rate, but I'd say you have an even better chance. Nail the essay and make sure you list every possible accolade and EC you have.</p>

<p>Please chance back
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