University of Miami chances?

<p>Hello everyone, I would like some feedback on my chances of getting into the University of Miami! </p>

Weighted GPA- 4.0-4.1 Not sure, because I haven't finished high school yet.
Enrolled in Penn State Satellite campus as a part of an advanced course in Medicine, where I shadow doctors, and learn skills such as CPR, First Aide, etc. My current grades for the class are: Lecture Portion solid A (Highest Grade in terms of scale), Lab Portion A. I will be completing two semesters of college and high school. Upon completion of the program I will have a total of ~12 college credits from Penn. State. I have also taken a Criminal/Law class in Junior Year which was offered by a local college at the high school; I forgot the credit value, around 1-3. I didn't take any AP or honors classes my freshman and sophomore year, because I had to undergo two total hip replacements, and my counselor felt it would be less strenuous. Junior year I took three honors courses of my eight. The advanced program I am in is selective in our school and I am one of six who participate. </p>

From, Pennsylvania
Class Rank: 5X/360 Top 15%
SAT Scores: Writing: 580, CR: 550, Math: 480
A total of 32 classes taken in high school upon completion. </p>

<p>Extracurriculars:Intramural Swimming in Freshman Year of High School, Intramural Tennis in Freshman Year of High School, Active Member of the following clubs: Key Club, President of National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Respect Club, Leo Club, Spanish Club, Outdoors Club, Zephyr Nation/Bleacher Creatures (Student Section), Male Acappella Group in School, SADD Club, Biology Club, Math League. Volunteered at a Polish School as a teacher aide and helped teach kids the Polish language as well as the culture, I have been alter serving at two churches, volunteered at Roman Catholic church since fifth grade, volunteered at Polish Roman Catholic Church since tenth grade. Lead altar boy and teaches other kids in serving, I lived in Poland when I was two years old, and have been going back since every summer. I am fluent in the language. Have traveled to Europe by myself, and spent a very long time there. I have undergone two total hip replacements at the age of fifteen and sixteen. I can speak Polish, English, Spanish, and to a degree some of the surrounding Slavic languages such as Czech and Slovak.Also, I am a member of the local chapter of HOSA in our area.</p>

<p>I have also applied for Early Action! Thanks again everyone.</p>

<p>It is absolutely crucial that you get those test score up. If you can get each section to a 600, then you're in for sure.</p>