University of Miami EA Class of 2025

If they do, we’ll find out tomorrow.

lol yea i’m just excited to know

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Don’t blame you. It’s been awhile lol.

Guys, have all full scholarship contestants been contacted? Like now full tuition scholarships are gone for the rest of us?

I was contacted on January 3rd that I was a finalist for full tuition and that I would hear back in late January. If you applied EA or ED you were automatically considered. Then after you were chosen to be a finalist or something of the sorts where you had to write an essay.

You were contacted on January 3rd? I was contacted earlier and I believe that the deadline for the stuff that was due was Jan 3rd

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You’re right hahaha I got the due date mixed up with the actual date

Oh alright lol

What time did Miami ED come out

I’m not exactly sure, I applied EA

Sometime in December maybe the 11th I heard

I think they meant time of day

Ya like 4pm?

Are EA decisions coming out today? Any updates on when they are?

Does someone want to call the office and ask?

When I called, they told me anytime this week to the next two weeks. Someone can give a call and ask if they’re coming out today.

My D21 got notification on Jan 20s last year.

December 11 2pm EST

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I just called the admissions office and they said decisions are a little delayed so we should know by the latest next week.


Does that mean they won’t come out today?