University of Miami Fall 2023 Transfer

I didn’t see a fall 2023 transfer thread, so I thought I’d make one. So, when did y’all apply? what are your stats, major, financial aid status, and application completion date?

I’m a second semester college freshman with a 3.81 first semester college gpa at a top 80 university in the country. I submitted my application and received my final document March 14th. I submitted an ACT test score of 29 but no recommendation letter. I had a 3.75 weighted GPA in high school and I’m applying for the communications school. I didn’t apply for financial aid.

flagship state uni.
3.91 GPA, 45 credits
3 letters or rec.
no SAT/ACT scores
no fin. aid
All app. components received on Jan. 20th

I am a second-semester freshman with 3.55 first semester GPA at top 30 school (wake forest) and an expected (mid term grades are 4.0) 4.0 at my community college for second semester (grandfather is dying so took leave of absence for the semester aka why at cc this sem).

I did not submit test scores, had a high school gpa of 4.4, and did not submit recommendations (should I still?).

  • Multiple extracurriculars in high school
    -Worked full time 11th and 12th grade ; working two jobs while home for this semester
  • applying for fin aid as I am an independent student
  • applying for poli sci on pre-law track in CAS ; have experience political canvassing

I would say to only submit a recommendation letter if you think it would:

  1. Benefit you from a professor that would write a good one
  2. Think you can get it submitted before April 1st
    I saw in previous years they would do a rolling admission with some people even finding out before April. However, I saw on an automated email to my admissions counselor that admissions won’t be released until after April 1st.

I applied as a 2023 fall transfer for Frost RD…I saw that other RD applicants got their decision letters, should I have heard back by now? Or is it different for transfers?

If you applied for transfer fall 2023 you should hear back starting early April to late April. RD Frost people heard because they applied for regular admission not transfer.

Does anyone think we could hear as early as this Wednesday? Looking at prior year threads - it sounds like the last Wednesday of March/first Wednesday of April for those who had their applications and documents in by the beginning of March. Wondering if anyone has heard anything or has some insight? Good luck to all!!!

It’s possible. However, at the most recent zoom transfer session (last week), the admission officers explicitly stated “early April” as the 1st notification period. but given that the university released freshman regular decisions on March 17th this year, when their website, and their admissions staff, stated April 1st as the notification date, it is possible that transfer decisions will be released earlier than stated.

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