University of Miami Musical Theatre - Reputation

<p>Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this particular MT program? My D auditioned for their program at unifieds in Chicago and just got an acceptance. Her other acceptances are for MT at College of Santa Fe and Acting at the University of Oklahoma.</p>

<p>I cannot comment on Miami, but I do know that OU reputedly has a very, very strong actor training program.</p>

<p>Check out the link above for the University of Miami in the list of schools. There is lots of information there. We have heard good things about their MT program. Congrats to your D on her acceptance!</p>

<p>I have seen and enjoyed 2 of the productions put on by U of Miami in the past year. The program is small--6 kids in the BM program and 6 kids in the BFA program. One thing that I can tell you is that when you look at the kids on campus--they all have a smile on their face. The kids @ U of Miami (not just the theater kids) are very happy with their choice. Just be prepared for 95 degree weather and 100% humidity from the end of March until the end of November.</p>

<p>paulr - we also have heard great things about the program! I personally love Miami, but that said, not all schools/locations are for everyone. My D attended BTP (in Tampa) some summers ago, and although she absolutely loved everything about that program, she did not care for the constant humidity to the extent that she chose to not even apply to schools in Florida. Now my D is quite 'particular', because on the other hand, she loves the harsh winters in New York :D...ultimately, this is all a real personal choice.</p>

<p>Looking at the school's link and reading what the school says about its program is fine, but I take with a grain of salt the self-promotion of a program on their own site. This is why I was putting a call out to anyone who might have some independent knowledge and experience with regards to the University of Miami MT program. We live in San Antonio, so heat and humidity would not necessarily be an issue for my D. Granted, our humidity may not compare with Miami's, but our heat can definitely be more extreme.</p>


<p>I might be able to give you a little insight into the program at Miami. I have a D that graduated from the BFA in MT there in 06. She was very happy with the program and did very well there, was cast in leads or supporting leads from sophomore year on, with many opportunities. One of the reasons she chose Miami was because she was so impressed with Bruce Miller, who auditioned her and heads up the Acting program there. She highly respects him and found that what she learned from him in 4 years was invaluable. He is an incredible teacher and mentor for the kids in the program. Some of the faculty that my D was very fond of, are not there now, however. </p>

<p>I also have a D that is a current freshman at Baldwin-Wallace(MT), who was also accepted to Santa Fe (MT), OU (Acting), as well as UMiami for MT. And we are from Oklahoma, so I might be able to shed some more light on that program, if you desire. My oldest D graduated from OU, starting out in MT and then switching her major to Talent Management, but worked very closely with Tom Orr, chairman of the Acting Dept.</p>

<p>If you have specific questions about either program please feel free to ask/pm me. I would be happy to help out.</p>

<p>Congrats on your D's acceptances!</p>

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