University of Miami Transfer Fall 2019 Chances

I’m applying as a transfer to Miami for Fall 2019 and was wondering what my chances are:
I currently attend UMD with a rigorous course load and a 3.5 gpa
31 ACT
3.6 GPA at a well known high school
Plenty of ECs
Great teacher recs
Great essay
If anyone has transferred to miami and has any tips that would be great!!

/transfer student applying from Community college in Boston.

GPA:3.86 (Biology) 4th Semester (First-semester sophomore-full time during this summer) 39 Creds
(Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, Commonwealth Honors Program)

EC’s: State Street Custodial Banking (internship), Student Mentor (Employment), Volunteer club officer, Countless community service hours, in addition to employment experience in Property Managment in Highschool for a year, and stuff like job shadowing MDs in both dental and family practice.

Letter of rec: Anatomy Professor (Boston U Med grad), Director of student activities at my school (boss)

!!!My concerns for threading: I dropped my General Physics class this semester because UM doesn’t transfer it. Leaving me with only 8 credits this semester…!!!
/what are my chances?

Hey guys, I made a thread for spring 2019 and we’re also waiting to hear back I think the both of you look good and will most likely get accepted.

@bisonj how many credits do you have so far? your high school records aren’t really important after 30 credits, they don’t require them but if you’re barely over 30, they could request them.

Hope I was helpful and feel free to send me a message if you need any help or recommendations, I live in Miami so I could also help for whenever you guys need to find a place!

I got in with a 3.2 and no test scores, so you’re probably good

Did you receive any scholarship money upon your admission? Just wondering as I have a 3.7 and am looking to transfer to UMiami but am not sure how much money I may or may not receive.