University of Michigan Ann Arbor Early Action Fall 2024

Welcome to the Michigan thread for Early Action. Hope you had a great summer. Ask questions but it’s helpful to have your unweighted GPA, Act /Sat scores, Major
We are here to help.

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This will give you stats and figures for Michigan for just about everything you will need to help research the school.

What Michigan is looking for in an applicant.

Selection Process | University of Michigan Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Daughter, rising senior, goes to instate IB school, known for its rigor.
School only does weighted GPA, GPA unweighted appears to be 3.91.
Will be applying to LSA (for political science).
SAT 1420 (eng 730, math 690).
Extra Curricular activities -
Vice president of academic club for 2 years, member one year
Creative writing on her own time- has won a state wide award
Founder/ organizer of homework help club at former elementary school
Pursues foreign language (classes) with a tutor outside of school for 7 years. Speaks 5 languages fairly fluently.
Piano for 8 years - says it helps her creative writing process
Volunteers to teach English to a Ukrainian teen online weekly who is attempting to clear English exams to seek academic opportunities overseas
Volunteer editor/contributor to a blog which assists students in improving writing skills for

Chance her please and also the quandary is whether to submit with or without the SAT. Thanks in advance!

Hi, chances are just guesses. But instate she looks great and yes send the sat. Your instate and it doesn’t need to be extremely high. Her classes should show rigor and do well in then through senior year. I understand IB has that built in. Write a great essay.

Good luck.


Thank you so much for your response! I’ve seen so many reports which say don’t submit SAT scores if they are even a bit under the 50th percentile.

So go on Naviance or talk with school and see what kids get accepted to Michigan with and follow that.

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You make a great point that instate does not have to be as high as out state applicant stats. I will follow your recommendation and submit SAT scores and hope for the best. Thank you for your time!

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Hello, I’m looking to apply as a transfer for UMICH. I’m not sure if this is true but when the transfer admission teams calculates the GPA, will they not include classes that can’t transfer at all in my gpa that will be used to make an admission decision. The reason I’m asking is because someone on discord told me that they don’t and I have 2 classes that I did poorly in and can’t transfer. It would be a big difference in my re-adjusted gpa. I look forward to a repsone.


You would have to send in your transcripts to transfer team and ask. They are super helpful. But they will advise you on what will/will not transfer. Better to know early. Good luck.

I know what will transfer. However, for classes that won’t transfer will that be considered. Will they still factor that into the gpa or will they act like I never took that class at all

You still need to call and just ask them. I don’t want to give you bad information but if it’s listed on your transcripts it will be looked at. How much weight they put on it I don’t know.

From my understanding the grades don’t transfer unless you took them from the Michigan flint or Dearborn campuses.

My daughter is in-state. 3.91 weighted GPA, 3.83 unweighted. She only took the SAT once and was a bit low with a score of 1120. She will probably not include it, although it is hard to know what the actual SAT range is of test-optional schools since only kids with high scores submit.

Our high school is one of the top five feeders to both U of M and MSU, so that should also help.

Thoughts on being accepted? I am a Sparty and my oldest decided to Go Blue. Crossing my fingers she gets accepted as MSU is her top choice school!

Don’t submit the score. Going to a feeder will help. Michigan only takes unweighted. What major and what’s the highest math and science? Aps? Michigan likes rigor.

Your schools naviance or the like should help. Chancing is hard these days with close to 90,000 applications. Back when it was only 60,000 applications it was much easier :joy:

She’s competitive and coming from a feeder is good. If not she’s gonna get honors at Michigan state with great merit, $5,000 study abroad and a mentor /research.

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I searched for Michigan STATE and got this thread LOL! My oldest is at Umich but #2 is looking at MSU. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle- I’ll will find my way to the exit and look for the Spartan threads.

So you’ll be one of those families that have a half State and half Michigan gnome on their front lawns… Lol.

Good luck to your son.

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In regards to the transfer process, I have another question. Specifically, how will U of M look at course retakes. Will they factor in both grades or be nice and only place weight on the most recent attempt.