University of Michigan Ann Arbor LSA Honors (Out of state) vs Carleton College vs University of Arkansas,Fayetteville Honors

University of Michigan (OOS) at about 40 k per year ,Carleton at 16k per year, University of Arkansas estimated about 6k per year. Plan to major in biomedical sciences or biology in pre med track.

Carleton is your best deal: an incredible education and an incredible financial aid package make it an incredible value.
(Umichigan for 16k would also be a bargain, but 40k, it’s not worth it if you have Carleton, both schools are excellent and one is almost 1/3rd of the price).
Congratulations, you must be a fantastic student to have such offers, UMichigan and Carleton were very hard to get into this year - Carleton must really want you and it’s always nice to be wanted. :slight_smile:


Either Arkansas Honors or Carleton, with the edge certainly to Carleton. Great school and probably worth the extra $40K. Michigan not worth $100K more than Carleton, especially when you have the expense of med school ahead of you.

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What are your concerns regarding fit (where you’ll be happy and thrive) and finances (how much $$ is a lot for your family)?

Finances is a big concern considering that UMichigan is a great university with a lot of research opportunities and great academics but paying 40k is too much.

Carleton appears in this site, which should be of interest to you:

Carleton has a lot of research opportunities - professors have the same expectations as at top universities but they dont have to mentor or teach graduate students; they receive funding to incorporate their students into their research.
That being said I’d imagine the partnership they have with the Mayo clinic for internships would be of more interest to you as a premed. Note that they offer funding for your housing if you are selected for the program.

Finally, Michigan is not worth 100k over Carleton - but Carleton is very well worth the comparatively little differential over UArkansas H.
(Sometimes, cheapest isnt the best value. )