University of Michigan chances

<p>I just finished my junior year and will be applying to LSA early action this fall. I go to a top high school in Michigan. I'm also applying to Michigan State and Central Michigan. </p>

<p>GPA UW: 3.81
ACT: 32 Composite 30E 34M 32R 31S</p>

<p>Course Load by the end of high school
AP US History
AP Government
AP Economics
AP Biology
AP Calc BC
AP Psychology
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra II
Honors Pre- Calc</p>

4 years of high school soccer, 3 years on Varsity
11 years of travel soccer, very competitive
NHS for two years
I've had a job every year of high school
I volunteer every summer, somewhere around 60 hours
Two years with the freshman mentor program</p>

<p>I'm also interested in business/economics, so are there any schools with good business schools that I would have a realistic chance of getting into?</p>


<p>I would say your chance is amazing. I know a girl who got in with an ACT of 28, so yours is good. She was also valedictorian, and your ECs are pretty solid. Well done, and good luck :slight_smile: CLASS OF 2015 SENIORS!!!</p>

<p>Thanks! I also think you have a great chance of getting into state</p>

<p>@jmw1131‌ Your ACT and GPA are very nice for Michigan :slight_smile: the only thing that could possibly hurt you is that your EC’s are pretty general and lack depth. However, michigan doesn’t for EC’s as much as some other school’s, so I say that you will get in. I am going to post my chances on your thread soo chance me back :DDDDD ? </p>

<p>[ *] College: Umich (LSA)
[ *] Desired Major: Biological Sciences, Minor: Chemistry
[ *] SAT: N/A
[ *] SAT IIs (if sent): 720 Chemistry, 710 US History
[ *] ACT: Composite score: 32 (E: 32 M: 31 R: 32 S: 34)
[ *] GPA (Unweighted/Weighted): UW: 3.75 (3.78 by the end of first semester senior year) W: 5.31 currently [Upward Trend]
[ *] Rank: 57/591 (Top 10%)
[ *] Other Stats:
[ *] Essays: - {Depends, I have some good topics, however they won’t have the wow factor I want without exaggeration. Debating what I am going to do for this… }
[ *] Teacher Recs: - {These are GOING to be GREAT}
[ *] Counselor Rec: - {It is probably going to suck since I just transferred here and she doesn’t know me well at all}
[ *] Hook (legacy, recruited athlete, etc.): First Generation
[ *] School Type: Competitive Public HS
[ *] Ethnicity: South Asian
[ *] Gender: Male
[ *] Extracurriculars/Activities:
Pep Club 9th grade - We painted signs for the school such as: “Football Game Versus SOUTH! Bring your School Spirit!”
Student Council 9th – 10th – 85 hours in total. Was on Homecoming Committee, and a few others.
Scholastic Bowl 9th -12th My favorite EC. It’s a mix between family feud and jeopardy with two teams from two different schools competing with one another. I was the best on the Junior Varsity team this year (11th) scoring the most points out of everyone. I will be next year’s varsity captain. My coach told me that I would have been on Varsity any other year besides this one, since this year’s team was VERY good. They were this year’s divisional champs. I have many goals for this team next year, (including becoming regional champs) and I might write my college essay on this.
Newspaper 11th -12th – Joined this year, and found that I love it. Even though we stayed at school until 9PM during every single Production week. I also became Sci-Tech-Health Editor, an important position of leadership.
Tennis 11th-12th – Tennis IS SO MUCH FUN! I regret not joining as a Freshman. At least the coach said I improved a lot despite our very short season due to the weird weather.
Key Club 11th – 12th Volunteering group
6 Hours of Volunteering on Primrose Farm for the “Primrose Farm Frolic!” I was assigned with supervising children on hay rides.
25 Hours of Tutoring children at the local middle school in math, English, science, and social studies. I will be the “Head Tutor,” a leadership position chosen by the school’s principal. I will be in charge with coordinating which days tutoring will be available and which students need the most help. (I will still be tutoring kids hands on)
Science Olympiad 11th -12th We engage in science competitions against other schools. The competitions include disciplines of science, such as astronomy, chemistry, etc. I won two awards on the Science Olympiad team. We won 6th at regionals, and went to state where we placed 12th.
Science Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society- 1 hour of tutoring SO FAR
I will also apply for different honor societies such as NHS, math, English, social studies during senior year… but I don’t know if it will matter or not.
Mosque- My very strict teacher taught me how to read the Quran beautifully in Arabic, an important milestone in any religious muslim’s life. I eventually become good enough to compete against other muslims from different mosques.
[ *] Other Issues/Questions:
Took rigorous classes throughout HS
Overall, I am unsure of whether I have a shot at getting in. Please be Honest, BRUTALLY HONEST if you must.
Don’t be afraid of criticizing me. Also, any tips on how I can improve are GREATLY appreciated.
[ *] Senior Year Classes: AP Calc AB, AP Macroecon, AP Govt, AP Bio, AP Lit, AP Spanish, PE IV (PE is required)
[ *] Awards:
4th place JV Astronomy @ Huntley
1st place JV Astronomy @ Regionals
3rd Place Masonic Scholastic Bowl (Played on Varsity for this tournament)
Best on the JV Scholastic Bowl team
Top 10 scholastic bowl player @ Fenton out of 109 players
JV Team Scholastic Bowl Record 9-1
We lost one game because 2 good players had a big orchestra concert.
We won other awards last year and this year (mostly 1st place) but I don’t know the names of each tournament, so I will dig around to find those.
MSI – Selected in the Qirat Competition
I am a Muslim. I learned how to read the Quran in Arabic just as everyone in our Sunday School Mosque did. I beat the 14 students of my grade at the local mosque, then moved on to the regional competition where I lost in the “Qirat Competition.” This competition scores you on tajweed (grammatical accuracy), and pronunciation. It is much harder than most will think.
MSI- At my Sunday School I won an award for Quranic Studies
I also won one for Islamic Studies
I understand that Quranic and Islamic Studies are VERY Generic terms
8th Grade – President’s Award (May as well list this :stuck_out_tongue: )</p>


<p>@Whatfreak123 Don’t hijack other’s thread. Start your own. You are going to confuse other people.
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<p>I think you’re UMichigan chances are stellar! Everyone I know got in with much less impressive stats</p>