University of Michigan Gap Year 2020?

I’m currently enrolled at UMich, and I am eager to go on campus, however, the majority of my classes are online and I’m not sure if It makes sense to go and not really get the full ‘freshman year experience’ of clubs, classes, and sporting events. I’ve been considering a gap year and I have some options for internships available. I’m not sure if I should just bulk up on credits this semester and push through the introductory work or defer for a whole year in hopes of the COVID situation dying down. I wish UMich was offering
semester deferral because that seems like a good balance, but deferring a year felt like too long. Another option was staying home and taking all my classes online which I’m not too crazy about. Thoughts or recommendations?

If you work in the same room day after day, it also reduces efficiency. Writing is a creative process. And he needs constant recharge.

Rearrange the room, drag the table from one corner to another. Change the placement of icons on the desktop or the name and hierarchy of folders you work with most.

And if you’re ready for more drastic measures, grab your laptop and go to the park, coffee shop or library. Any new place you haven’t been to. A change of scenery is a good way to get off the ground and start writing.